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SandStory Skills® is a creative technique to support children, young people and adults who struggle to articulate their feelings

Natalie has been trained by Lara Kasza, the founder of SandStory Therapy® to teach these skills 

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SandStory Skills®


What are SandStory Skills®?

SandStory Skills® is a wonderful tool which supports practitioners in encouraging a child’s natural instinct for storytelling using sand, symbols, and other media.

While the storyteller expresses themselves freely, the practitioner is able to guide them to make their own connections between what they are unconsciously processing, and how that connects to their conscious mind, their current situation or a future event.


The method is based on the ‘Small World Technique’ developed by Margaret Lowenfeld, which encouraged children to express themselves non-verbally through play.  

The 'Small World Technique' encouraged the development of many more theories surrounding ‘floor play’, ‘table-top play’ and ‘small world play.’  In recent years, Lara Kasza developed the technique 'SandStory Therapy® as a tool for Therapists to use with clients.  SandStory Skills® is an adapted version of this technique for non-therapy professionals

What does the training include? 

During this 14-hour workshop, you will learn the 5 stages in SandStory Skills®, and how to transfer and apply these skills within your work, so you can encourage those in your care to express their stories in a safe and gentle way.

The course will also cover:

  • SandStory Skills - We explore each of the 5 stages in depth
  • The genesis of SandStory Skills - How it all started
  • Storytelling - The power of stories
  • Sand - Why sand a great tool for storytelling
  • Safe remit - How to keep yourself and the storyteller safe
  • The SandStory Skills Starter Kit - What you need to run a session
  • Creative time - You get to play too!
  • Tabletop alternatives - How can you apply these skills outside of a sand tray
  • Being a SandStory Skills® Practitioner - How to qualify 

.... and much more!


      SandStory Skills®  Training

      The SandStory Skills training is 2 day in person workshop

      Who is the training for?

      • Childminders, Nannies, Nursery Managers and Workers
      • Teachers & Teaching Assistants/One-to Ones, Learning Mentors
      • SENCOs,  ELSAs (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants), Nurture Group leaders, Pastoral Teams, Social Work Assistants
      • Emotional Wellbeing Practitioners, Behaviour Support Practitioners/ PRU teams, Residential Support Workers, Youth Workers, Youth Offending Team Officer
      • Play Workers and Therapeutic Play Workers
      • Family Support Workers, Parent Coaches
      • ....... And many others

      In Person Workshop Dates for 2023:


      How much will it cost? 

      £350 per participant*

      which includes: 

      • A SandStory Skills Manual for you to continue learning after the training 
      • A SandStory Skills goody bag
      • Resources for you to create during the workshop that you can take home to be part of your 'SandStory Skills Kit'
      • A certificate recognising you as a 'Registered SandStory Skills® Practitioner'
      • A personalised logo
      • Membership to the International SandStory Association 
      • 14 CPD hours accredited by the International SandStory Assocation
      • 2 x online coaching clinics to support your practice and answer any questions 
      • Refreshments 

      * or £450 per participant for those who wish to purchase A SandStory Skills Starter Set 

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