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Zentangle® is a fantastically creative tool that we at The Playful Therapist are passionate about as a fantastic form of self-care 

Natalie is a 'Certified Zentangle Teacher' (CZT) and has been trained by the founders of Zentangle to teach this craft 




What is Zentangle®?

Zentangle® is a relaxing, fun and easy drawing method where beautiful repetitive shapes, or ‘tangles’, are created by drawing dots, lines, curves, and other shapes, creating a sense of mindfulness and relieving stress and anxiety, making Zentangle an excellent self-care tool for our increasingly busy lives.

Developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas after discovering the calming effects of slowly and mindfully drawing patterns, the Zentangle method now helps people of all ages, interests and skills experience these benefits and is also a perfect way for those who have never drawn before to exercise creativity.

How does Zentangle work?

As you focus on each deliberate stroke one at a time, following the 8-step Zentangle process, all your senses are focused on the present moment, and accomplishing one goal. The result is an increased sense of calm, contentment, focus, and balance.

Join us to experience the benefits of this fun, easy-to-learn art form for yourself, and experience how taking a creative, mindful moment really helps!

Benefits of Zentangle

  • Can inspire and empower the artist 
  • Calms the mind 
  • Relaxes the body
  • Relieves stress
  • Increased confidence 
  • Encourage mindfulness and relaxation
  • Increase your sense of well-being
  • Therapeutic, can take you to 'the zone'
  • Brings you into the present
  • It's fun


Zentangle Classes®

What happens in a Zentangle class?

The class will:

  • Introduce you to the Zentangle method
  • Discuss the importance of quality supplies
  • Explore the 8 basic steps of the Zentangle Method
  • Teach you 4 basic tangles

All classes will be delivered via Zoom and participants have the option of buying a Zentangle goodie bag of supplies (plus a few extra bits) or sourcing their own materials 

How much will it cost? 

  • £35 for a class + Tangle goodie bag 
  • £25 for a class (no materials included)

The Playful Tanglers Community

The Playful Tanglers Community was launched in May 2022 and provides ongoing support, tutition and creative direction for those who are intetested in expanding their Zentangle skills. 

it is the perfect starting point for beginners who are interested in learning more about Zentangle and for those searching for a simple, creative self-care activity